Trumpet Play Along Pirates Of The Caribbean


  1. The Black Pearl
  2. Blood Ritual
  3. Davy Jones
  4. Davy Jones Plays His Organ
  5. Dinner Is Served
  6. He’s A Pirate
  7. I’ve Got My Eye On You
  8. Jack Sparrow
  9. The Kraken
  10. The Medallion Calls
  11. Moonlight Serenade (from Walt Disney Pictures’ PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEA)
  12. One Last Shot
  13. To The Pirate’s Cave!
  14. Two Hornpipes (Fisher’s Hornpipe)
  15. Underwater March
  16. Wheel Of Fortune
Demosong Pirates Of The Caribbean Demo Play Along Versie

Zestien stukken uit het kassucces Pirates of the Caribbean – met play-along-cd. De songs komen uit de Disney films The Curse Of The Black Pearl en Dead Man’s Chest.

Inhoud: The Black Pearl • Davy Jones • He´s a Pirate • I´ve Got My Eye On You • Jack Sparrow • To the Pirate´s Cave! • Wheel of Fortune • Blood Ritual • Davy Jones Plays His Organ • Dinner Is Served • Moonlight Serenade • One Last Shot • The Kraken • The Medallion Calls • Two Hornpipes (Fisher´s Hornpipe) • Underwater March.

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